15 Commitments That Will Transform Your Future from Grant Cardone

I’m a massive Grant Cardone fan and keep banging on about him because he has transformed my life and all of our businesses.

Grant Cardone is a massive ball of energy and one of the World’s leading experts on sales and getting the most out of your business and life. He has written many great books and I wanted to share with you the 15 commitments I learned from his international best seller – “Sell Or Be Sold.”

You need to listen to the audiobook and hear grant personally explain these 15 Commitments in more details. But here they are as they appear in chapter 21 of “Sell Or Be Sold”.

  1. I commit to working MY PLAN every day
  2. I commit to a CAN DO attitude with EVERY customer
  3. I commit to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES
  4. I commit to EXCEEDING the expectations of EVERY customer
  5. I commit to staying focused on WHAT I WANT
  6. I commit to taking every opportunity ALL THE WAY every time
  7. I commit to following up on EVERY OPPORTUNITY
  8. I commit to being highly ethical in EVERY area of my life
  9. I commit to MAKING CHANGES where necessary
  10. I commit to EDUCATING MYSELF every day
  11. I commit to TRAINING every day
  12. I commit to doing the RIGHT THING
  13. I commit to being THE MOST POSITIVE person I know
  14. I commit to quit making excuses and just MAKE IT HAPPEN
  15. I commit to making my dreams come true because of MY ACTIONS

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