5 Ways To Use Social Media Without Wasting Hours Of Your Day

5 Ways To Use Social Media Without Wasting Hours Of Your Day

We all know how much social media can take over our lives. It starts off as ‘just a quick flick through Twitter’ and 2 hours later you still find yourself scrolling!

So, for all of those who have little free time to spend marketing their business on social media OR maybe you’re the opposite and spend too much time on social media.

We’ve devised a little plan that will help you to use your time more effectively and not have to worry about posting a Facebook status every day – we’ve got it all covered!

1. Sign Up to a Social Media Management Website

Sign yourself up to a social media management tool such as Hoot Suite or Sprout Social.  If you’ve not got the cash to spare for signing up to a pay plan – Hoot Suite offer a completely FREE package where you can manage up to 5 different accounts on – meaning you can manage your different social media sites all in one place. Trust me, you will thank me once you’ve done this.

2. Schedule Your Content

If you’re ridiculously busy and have no time to be posting tweets and statuses everyday, schedule out your social media activity for the week/month and watch your follower rate go up from little work on your part. It might take you a couple of hours to schedule everything out ahead of time but it will save you a lot of time in the future, then all you have to do is reply to any enquiries or replies that come through to you.

3. Document Your Social Media Activity

If you post any tweets and you know for a fact that certain ones work and get a great response everytime – why not create a document with pre-prepared tweets/statuses that you can paste in when scheduling. You’ll build up a great document of templates over time, ones you know that WORK!

4. Brainstorm Ideas

Coming up with what to post on social media can be difficult. So why not spare some time throughout your week to brainstorm ideas of content to post out. Below I have listed a few ideas on the sort of things you can be posting out to you followers:

  • Local News – local events, charities, businesses worth supporting
  • Company News – recent projects finished, testimonials, new staff, staff nights out, recent targets smashed
  • Industry Related – changes within the industry, industry related facts,
  • Advice – advice to potential clients who might be interested in your services

Or something simply fun or exciting!

5. Set up Google Alerts

We’re aware that time is very precious to people in the building industry, as you’re a busy bunch!! So, why not set up some Google Alerts on topics that will interest your readership? Let Google do the work for you and email you industry relevant news and topics that you can put your own spin on and post on your social media accounts!

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13 comments on “5 Ways To Use Social Media Without Wasting Hours Of Your Day

    Lara Duncan Post author

    Thank Michael, how lovely of you! I can help you with your social media and PR – give The Trades Hub a call and we can discuss how we can help you!

    Craig Wilkinson Post author

    Emily. All the advice on my website is FREE. I’m pleased that you found it useful. Let me know how you get on with using the tips. Thanks Craig

We use ask Edgar fantastic app allows us to save up to 100 posts and shcudule them throughout the week on all our social media platforms. Buffer is great and do free social medial courses with a list of useful tools like Insta paper and pocket.

Great read Craig thankyou, I especially like tip no 2 on scheduling your content, this alone will save me several hours a week. I love social media and the huge benefits it has towards my business but I sometimes get drawn towards the social aspect of it but these tips will definitely help keep me focused on the business development!

WITH OVER 20.000 followers on Twitter I know how you can spend hours trawling around with these five tips I can save hours of my valuable time thanks CRAIG

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