The Top 6 Social Media Sites You Should Be Using To Promote Your Business!!

As a construction professional, you’re likely to be a very busy person and not have much time for developing a marketing strategy. However, with social media now being a huge part of our lives it is more important than ever to be promoting your services via social media sites. Why you ask?

The majority of social networking and micro blogging sites are FREE – so why not take full advantage of them?

The top 6  sites you need to be on are







All of the social networking sites I have listed above each have something different to offer and are very powerful in promoting your business and engaging with people.


Twitter allows you to announce upcoming events, promote your services, engage with people all over the world, post photos, and be sociable all in the space of 140 Characters!

The activity you need to be regularly updating on Twitter includes….

  • Mentioning other tweeters
  • Retweeting interesting people
  • Replying to any tweets
  • Following new people
  • Posting links to other interesting content on the web that your target audience may find useful
  • Adding pictures
  • Adding videos
  • User hastags (#) to identify what your tweet is about


Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site that allows you to connect with family, friends and businesses to keep them in the loop with everything that is going on within your business.

The activity you regularly need to be doing on Facebook includes …

  • Adding new photos to your wall
  • Adding new photo albums
  • Adding new posts
  • Mentioning people within your posts
  • Posting links to other pages
  • Adding videos
  • Commenting on other companies walls/ posts
  • Asking people questions


LinkedIn is a social platform for your professional identity. It helps you to build upon your current contacts, discover business opportunities, deals and new ventures. You can also use LinkedIn to stay in contact with friends and old class mates but the main purpose of LinkedIn is to gain more contacts! Your LinkedIn profile is almost an ‘online CV’ and anything you post on there must be professional. Unlike all other social media platforms – LinkedIn is a lot more formal.

The activity you need to be including on LinkedIn includes

  • Connecting with people who are either: in your industry, a potential business lead or a generally  a good contact.
  • Interacting with people you have connected with so they actually acknowledge your web presence.
  • Get involved in discussions.
  • Comment/Like other people’s statuses
  • Ensure your profile is up to date.
  • Post interesting but formal content. Here are some ideas for what to post on LinkedIn:

Job vacancies, Links back to your website or recent updates, Links to useful articles/blog posts, quotes, advertising events.


Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with others through a series of pictures. Simply take a picture on your phone, choose a filter to transform the image to look professional and then upload. You can use Instagram to let other people know what is going on in your business all just by capturing a moment and instantly uploading it for the world to see!

The activity you need to be doing on Instagram is….

  • Upload fun and interesting pictures. Here are some ideas on the sort of images you upload:
  • The meeting you’ve just had with a client
  • Maybe you’ve just got a new business deal? Upload of photo of you and the other person nailing the deal, shaking hands.
  • Hosting an event? Get pictures of the venue, the event itself in action, attendees etc…
  • Photos on site of ongoing projects
  • New members of staff
  • Staff nights out
  • Seasonal pictures – i.e. have you decorated your work area to look festive?
  • Quotes
  • Facts of the day

The ideas are limitless, so long as they’re not inappropriate!


Youtube is great for promoting your business. We’d urge you to get out your Iphone and upload Testimonial videos to your page. This will encourage potential clients who are thinking of going with you to actually agree to work/projects as they will  be able to see previous work you’ve done and what others have said about you. You can upload videos with demonstrations of work you’ve done also.


Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love. You can create as many pin boards as you like, for example you can create a board named ‘Dream Cars’ and add pictures of all your favourite cars.  You can add virtual anything to your Pinterest page as long it is relevant in some way to your business.

What Social Networking sites do you use for your business? Which ones do you find most effective?

If you’re struggling and don’t know where to start with social media – give us a call on 0114 294 5511 or Tweet us at @TheTradesHub 


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