Our Top 10 Must-Read Books That Will Transform Your Business & Your Life

The average person reads one book a year, if that. The top CEOs of the World’s leading businesses read on average, one book a week. They don’t read because they have successful businesses, they have successful business because they read.

Why waste time making mistakes and not achieving all the success you deserve, when you can read a book (or listen to an audiobook) and reach your goals much quicker.

Here at The Trades Hub, we’re massive fans of reading, listening to audiobooks and learning new information to take our businesses and ultimately our lives forward. We also encourage our members to get involved too, and many of them ask us what should they be reading. So here’s Our Top 10 Must-Read Books That Will Transform Your Business & Your Life:




1. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

This book is a life changer. It’s about the Law of Attraction and explains that whatever you have in your life right now, you are attracting. So if that’s debt, no customers and arguments with staff, then you’re attracting it. And you have money, work and happiness in your life, guess what, YOU are attracting that. Now I know you might think that’s bollocks, but I promise you, when you accept this Law (not theory) it has the power to change everything because you can learn to attract anything YOU want. I personally prefer the video but the audio is great too. Buy The Secret Book on Amazon. Download The Secret Video from iTunes. Get The The Secret Audiobook from Audible.




2. “eMyth Revisited” by Michael Gerber

Are you building a business which works without you, or do you just have the shittest job in the World? Most business owners unfortunately, have created the latter for themselves. This amazing book explains why most businesses fail and how to avoid it. It shows you how to put the systems in place so that your business runs without you and starts giving you the life that you want. When you read the first paragraph, you will think it has been written for you and you’ll be hooked. Buy The eMyth Book on Amazon. Get The eMyth Audiobook on iTunes




3. “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone

What is holding you back from achieving everything you’ve ever wanted? Grant Cardone explains that it’s because you’re not aiming high enough and you’re not putting nowhere near enough effort into the right actions. 10X is about cranking your shit up to the next level and giving everything ten times more effort than you previously thought. So if you produce a quote for someone and you think you’re going to need to call them back to see if they accept, think again. Call them 1o times. And if you’re aiming to earn £1million, think again. Aim to earn £10million. BOOM!!! Get The 10 X Rule from Amazon. Buy The 10X Rule on Audiobook.




4. “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris

Since you were small, you were taught that you have to work hard for a living, you have to work 9-5, Monday to Friday, until you’re 65, then you retire with what money you’ve managed to squirrel away, so that you can enjoy yourself before you die. Right? WRONG!!! This book challenges all of those beliefs and teaches you a new way of living. Where you can work smart not hard. Where you can work 4 hours a week, not 80. Where you can take mini retirements throughout your life so that you can start enjoying yourself now. This book, is a game changer. Buy 4 Hour Work Week on Amazon. Get 4 Hour Work Week on Audiobook from iTunes.




5. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

Most people never get taught about money and how to get more of it. That’s because your teachers didn’t know, and most probably, your parents didn’t know either. People say that money is the root of all evil and that’s wrong; lack of money is the root of all evil. Rich Dad Poor Dad explain the difference between what makes somebody rich, and what makes somebody poor, and it all starts with the way you think about money. Get Rich Dad Poor Dad on Amazon. Buy Rich Dad Poor Dad on Audiobook.




6. “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone

If you’re not selling, you’re being sold to. And everybody’s selling all the time. I’m selling my little boy on the fact that he’s going to bed at 7pm and he’s trying to sell me on the fact that he’s coming downstairs for one more story. And he’s going to use every trick he knows to sell me on that fact. Most people think that being a salesperson is bad, and they are so wrong. Learning to be a better salesperson means that you can get more people to buy from you, and you have an ethical obligation to do that. This book will transform your thinking about sales and has the power to take your business to the top, faster. Buy Sell or Be Sold from Amazon. Get it on Audiobook from iTunes.




7. “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clason

Again, the more you know about money, the more chance you have of attracting it into your life….and keeping it. The Richest Man in Babylon is a wonderful foundation book about understanding money. You will learn how poor people spend money first and save what they have left (which will be nothing) and how rich people save first and spend what they have left. It teaches you the golden rules about growing your wealth which led to Babylon being the richest city in the World, and those rules still hold true today. Buy The Richest Man in Babylon from Amazon. Buy the Audiobook from iTunes.




8. “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

This book was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie back in the 1930’s who founded the Steel Industry in America. Andrew Carnegie had a very simple goal, which was to spend the first half of his life amassing as much money as possible and the second half of his life giving it all away. He made $480million which is the equivalent of £14billion today. He revealed that there was no mystery in doing this and commissioned Napoleon Hill to study the World’s biggest successes, and failures to understand the secret. Many leading business owners around the World cite this as the one book which changed everything for them. Buy Think and Grow Rich from Amazon. Buy Think and Grow Rich from iTunes.




9. “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott Alexander

If you want to achieve the success you dream of, the you’ve got to become a charging rhino. You’ve got to get your head down and move towards your goals at pace. Nothing can stop you or get in your way. You’ve got to surround yourself with the eagles and the lions and leave the cows and the sheep to their grazing. You’ve got to be thick skinned to deflect the attacks you’re going to receive and you must have an unstoppable attitude. I have a rhino on my desk to remind me of the importance of this great book. Get Rhinoceros Success from Amazon. Buy Rhinoceros Success on Audiobook.



10. “If You’re Not First You’re Last” by Grant Cardone

I know that Grant Cardone has appeared a few times here, but I think he’s freakin awesome. This book explains how you don’t want to compete, you need to dominate. There is no time to be worrying about competition because you’re going to be so far ahead of them, that they will be irrelevant. It teaches you the massive action you need to take to drive you and your business forwards and the stages you need to push through. First you’re obscure, then you’re criticized, then you’re hated and finally you’re admired. Push through. Get If You’re Not First You’re Last from Amazon. Get it on Audiobook from iTunes.


Your Challenge

Set yourself the challenge of reading all of these books over the next 10 months, or the next 10 weeks, depending on how committed you are to transforming your business and your life.

Get them on audiobook and listen to them while you’re driving around. Many of them are around 8 hours long and easy to smash in a week.

Takes notes on what you learn and more importantly take action. “Knowledge isn’t power until it’s applied” Dale Carnegie

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4 comments on “Our Top 10 Must-Read Books That Will Transform Your Business & Your Life

GREAT list guys and I’ve read most of them already. I’d also throw ‘Piranhas In The Bidet’ by Phil Jesson in to the mix. Another fantastic read with some brilliant learnings.

As always, brilliant, James!

Can I add a few?

’80/20 Sales & Marketing’ by Perry Marshall
‘Duct Tape Marketing’ by John Jantsch, and:
If you like E-Myth, you’ll love ‘Built to Sell’ by John Warrilow

Deborah S.

Thanks for sharing this with your readers! I think I have a TBR list that will last me the summer 🙂 I would like to recommend a book I read recently called “Conversations That Sell” by Nancy Bleeke (http://www.conversationsthatsell.com). In today’s business world, clients and buyers are much more savvy than they once were and thus, we as the professionals who sell to the clients, need to adjust or strategies in order to accommodate that fact. The most important focus being “What’s in it for Them” (the buyer) from open to close. This book lays out an effective road-map to follow in today’s go go world of sales. Highlighting things such as recognizing different types of buyers, tailoring your conversation on a per buyer basis, proper preparation for the sale, identifying the buyers needs and keeping the conversations focused on where the buyer wants them to be. It was an easy follow read, and I know feel much more confident and excited for my next sales meeting!

I would add Bob Burg’s Go-Givers sell more into my top 3. It will change your while philosophy on sales and make it so much easier and more satisfying.

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